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Never a Minute's Peace02.02.201402.02.201412,20 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna Russia
Only You, The Story of My Love Part I19.11.201319.11.201325,00 KBЗагрузитьTranslation by Anna Russia
Say You Love Album22.02.201022.02.201086,00 KBЗагрузитьEng and Ru. Translation by Anna, "Love Me" by Natalia
CDs and Songs List04.10.200819.03.200713,22 KBЗагрузитьFirst 6 Albums-List of Songs. Translated by Natalia Krasnova
Compilation of New 2008 Songs22.07.200822.07.200876,00 KBЗагрузитьCompilation and translations by Anna of Russia in Russian and English.
Mommy and Son Album01.04.201201.04.2012124,00 KBЗагрузитьTranslation by Anna Russia

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A Kiss as Long as Eternity (Album)05.03.201313.12.200619,91 KBЗагрузить 8300
Adagio04.01.201204.01.201223,50 KBЗагрузитьLyrics from Phillip Burgess3376
Angel Without a Wing30.12.200625.12.20066,22 KBЗагрузитьVitas. English Lyrics to Angel Without a Wing6869
Beneath The Glory03.03.201003.03.20101,00 KBЗагрузитьFrom Tatiana Raquel, Brazil4174
By the Long Way12.12.201012.12.201013,63 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna of Russia3428
Casual Waltz06.06.201106.06.201124,50 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna of Russia3081
Cherry Orchard28.12.200628.12.20065,63 KBЗагрузить 4729
Choose02.02.201402.02.201411,96 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna Russia2928
Crane's Crying13.04.200728.12.20064,85 KBЗагрузитьCorrected to the English file. Was pulling the wrong file.8345
Dark Eyes (or Black Eyes)19.03.201119.03.201150,05 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Maggam3243
Dedication to Mother08.09.201107.03.201126,50 KBЗагрузитьAlbum: "Mommy and Son" Translation by Anna, Russia Authors: Витас, А.Самсоненко3605
Don't Forgive Me09.10.201209.10.20121,21 KBЗагрузитьtranslated by Anna Russia2579
Evening Song11.09.201011.09.201014,01 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna of Russia. Song in St. Petersburg 9/8/103588
Exterrestrial Friend Version 2 (Return Home)17.01.200717.01.200724,00 KBЗагрузить 847
Forever With You22.12.200922.12.200930,00 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna of Russia4166
Friendship (duet with Grandfather)23.01.200723.01.200724,00 KBЗагрузитьFriendship-Translated by Anna732
How to Paint a Bird15.11.200915.11.200929,50 KBЗагрузитьJacques Prévert's poem performed by Vitas3801
I Ask All Saints29.01.200720.12.20061,11 KBЗагрузитьVitas-I Ask All Saints5346
I Did Not Light the Fire in Vain21.03.201021.03.201031,00 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna of Russia3582
I Miss You (Я скучаю по тебе )08.09.201108.09.201124,50 KBЗагрузитьAlbum: "Mommy and Son" Translation by Anna, Russia3238
I Thank You (Я тебя благодарю)22.06.200822.06.200827,00 KBЗагрузитьVitas, Lyrics, I Thank You (Я тебя благодарю)4259
I Won't Return (Не вернусь)07.08.200907.08.200929,50 KBЗагрузить 4074
I'm Alive26.08.201511.08.201313,74 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna Russia .doc format1313
I'm in Love with You25.12.201125.12.201122,50 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna of Russia2970
In The Chamber04.10.200804.10.200826,00 KBЗагрузитьIn The Chamber. From Album XXth Century Hits4158
Inaccessible08.03.200908.03.200929,00 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna of Russia4273
Jamaica13.10.200713.10.200724,00 KBЗагрузить 5094
Katyusha (Катюша)06.05.201006.05.201026,00 KBЗагрузитьEnglish and Russian3852
Komarovo27.10.200727.10.20075,69 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Natalie of Samara4369
Ladies and Knights22.12.200922.12.200930,00 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna of Russia3692
Let the River Flow, or The River09.10.201209.10.201213,13 KBЗагрузитьLet the River Flow, translated by Anna Russia2651
Loneliness like a Prophecy (Одиночество как пророчество)08.09.201108.09.201124,50 KBЗагрузитьAlbum: "Mommy and Son" Translation by Anna, Russia3146
Lucia Di Lammermoorr10.11.200710.11.200724,00 KBЗагрузитьVitas English lyrics to Lucia6337
Lullaby25.12.200625.12.20061,96 KBЗагрузитьVitas. Lullaby5644
Mama (Album)25.12.200613.12.200612,65 KBЗагрузить 6089
Mime Song (Песня мима)06.06.201106.06.201124,50 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna of Russia3116
Moon!29.12.200812.07.200827,00 KBЗагрузить 4390
Mother and Son26.12.200926.12.200926,50 KBЗагрузить 3749
Mother and Son (Мама и сын)08.09.201108.09.201124,00 KBЗагрузитьAlbum: "Mommy and Son" Translated by Anna, Russia2934
My Birdie13.12.200813.12.200827,00 KBЗагрузитьForm XXth Century Hits Album3949
My Swan28.12.200628.12.20065,09 KBЗагрузить 5068
Old Residents of Love17.12.200917.12.200931,00 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna of Russia3645
On a Long Road24.04.201124.04.201123,50 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Maggam3195
Once More23.08.201023.08.201030,00 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna of Russia3405
One, Two, Three09.12.201009.12.201023,00 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna of Russia from Russian version3777
One, Two, Three English Version12.04.201112.04.201124,00 KBЗагрузитьThanks to Vitas official site for providing these lyrics3589
Parental Home / Родительский дом08.09.201108.09.201123,50 KBЗагрузитьAlbum: "Mommy and Son" Translation by Anna, Russia2965
Philosphy of Wonder (Album)25.12.200613.12.20068,21 KBЗагрузить 5527
Princessa29.12.200629.12.200624,50 KBЗагрузить 5334
Rare Bird13.12.200813.12.200826,50 KBЗагрузитьXXth Century Hits Album4141
Return Home (Album)24.08.200729.01.200778,50 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna (Russia)5190
Rippling Brooklet01.10.201101.10.20110,99 KBЗагрузитьSung in Chinese. Translation has two versions Translations by Zypher and Judo Rose3190
Say You Love03.01.200902.01.200927,50 KBЗагрузить 4434
See You Soon26.05.201226.05.201235,40 KBЗагрузитьTranslation by Anna Russia2611
Shores of Russia29.12.200629.12.200624,50 KBЗагрузить 5528
Shout in a Whisper20.04.201020.04.201026,00 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna of Russia3759
Smile (Album)25.12.200613.12.200613,61 KBЗагрузить 7009
Song About Happiness03.10.201003.10.201014,25 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna of Russia3429
Songs of My Mother (Album)25.12.200613.12.200646,50 KBЗагрузить 5317
Strangers (Чужие люди)08.09.201108.09.201123,50 KBЗагрузитьAlbum: "Mommy and Son" Translation by Anna, Russia2842
Swan's Faithfulness27.08.200727.08.200724,50 KBЗагрузитьVitas-Swan's Faithfulness4612
Teach Me, Father (Научи, отец)08.09.201108.09.201124,00 KBЗагрузитьAlbum: "Mommy and Son" Translation by Anna, Russia2793
The Leaves Have Flown Away22.07.200822.07.200825,50 KBЗагрузить 4197
The Sea is My Home12.07.200812.07.200827,00 KBЗагрузитьPrepared for 2008 Olympica4125
The Wizard22.07.201422.07.201411,82 KBЗагрузитьTranslation by Anna Russia1889
Three White Horses30.08.200730.08.200728,50 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna4545
Up to the Sky26.05.201226.05.201245,72 KBЗагрузитьTranslation by Anna Russia2572
Wait Steam Engine21.11.200721.11.200724,50 KBЗагрузить 4042
War Veterans19.06.201119.06.201138,42 KBЗагрузитьTranslated by Anna, Russia2936
Wedding Song (Свадебная )08.09.201108.09.201124,50 KBЗагрузитьAlbum: "Mommy and Son" Translation by Anna, Russia2924
Without You (Без Тебя )17.11.200717.11.200726,50 KBЗагрузитьVitas, Without You (Без Тебя )5127
Wo Ai Ni , "I Love You"18.01.201018.01.201030,00 KBЗагрузить2010 BTV Spring Festival Global Gala Theme Song Thanks AnnGuo for posting on official guestbook.3999
You are Suffering01.10.201101.10.201125,50 KBЗагрузитьAlternative translation of "You Suffer" This doc also includes Russian version.3291
You Suffer (Ты маешься)28.09.201125.09.201134,01 KBЗагрузитьTranslation by Anna of Russia3204
Young Rook08.09.201112.03.20113,73 KBЗагрузитьAlbum: "Mommy and Son" Translation by Anna, Russia3563
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