Creative works of Vitas fans. Thank you!

 TitleCategory Description
Shauna's CollagesCollageЗагрузитьAmerican fan collages on flickr
Ling's CollagesCollageЗагрузитьChinese American fan's collages on flickr
Comic Strip. Very Cute!ComicЗагрузитьMade by Taiwan Fans
Fan Art at Official SiteDrawingsЗагрузитьVitas Fan Art at the Official site at
Dea's DrawingsDrawingsЗагрузитьPhotobucket picture link
Justy's DrawingsDrawingsЗагрузитьPolish fan's drawings on Flickr
Suzanna's DrawingsDrawingsЗагрузитьPolish fan's drawings on Flickr
Amy's Vitas GifsGIFSЗагрузитьAnimated Gifs
Dieforsing's Return Home tributeLinksЗагрузитьLovely collection of Vitaa perfoming his newest program. (Youtube Link)
Sofia's Song for VitasPoetry and SongsЗагрузитьIntangilbe High (copyrighted)
Fiona's slideSlideЗагрузитьVitas-Voice From Angel
Slide of Ling's CollagesSlideЗагрузитьSlide of some of Ling's Collages
Slide of Lilia's CollagesSlideЗагрузитьSlide of some of Lilia's Collages
Concert in Samara on March 12, 2009StoryЗагрузить