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Vitas - Collection of Articles, Interviews, etc.
By diane on 9/28/2010

1999 Awards from Odessa hit parade.  This is just a list, but an interesting piece of Vitas history Source:


By diane on 7/5/2010

Ди-джей Груврайдер сделал презентацию трека Витаса «Звезда»



By diane on 1/23/2010


Vitas is a household name in China.  Vitas' new album was "worth the wait".

Following is an auto-translated (rough) English version.

By diane on 12/11/2009

MV of Vitas' performance of the main theme of Mulan

Autotranslated version of the article follows:


By diane on 12/8/2009

Vitas and "Mulan" discussed on

By diane on 12/7/2009

"Mulan" has already reaped 43 million



By diane on 12/7/2009

Фильм с Витасом ставит в Китае кассовые рекорды


By diane on 12/1/2009

Vitas will release a new album 12/10/09

Autotranslated English version followed by original Russian.

By diane on 11/20/2009


Although Vitas has no entry for new album this year (his new album will be released next month after the deadline to enter), he won three years in a row!  I guess it is time to give someone else a chance for a change.